La Macchina di Santa Rosa di Viterbo (ENG)

The Macchina id Santa Rosa is a 30-meter-high tower that is rebuilt every summer in the Italian city of Viterbo to honor the Saint of the city, Santa Rosa. Every five years a design competition is held for a new Macchina. Architecture and Vision, an architecture studio with offices in Germany, France and Italy, won last year's competition and created their new Macchina id Santa Rosa named Fiore del Cielo.

The goal of this visualization phase was to define the shape, all details, decoration, the ratio of artificial to candle light and to simulate the movement in a virtual mock-up. Du in great part to the tight deadline, mostly parametric objects were used because they could be quickly and easily adapted to the various test scenarios. The MoGraph Cloner in particular proved to be very helpful when it came to arranging 1200 roses on the tower.

Furthermore, 60,000 roses were to be rained down from the top of the real tower onto the spectators. In order to get an impression of how this would look, the dropping of the roses was simulated using Thinking Particles. Thanks to the high-quality images that Advanced Render delivered, a very realistic simulation was achieved.

"It would not have been possible to complete this project within the deadline had it not been for CINEMA 4D's legendary reliability. The extensive possibilities offered by parametric objects were also a blessing", said Architecture and Vision's Arturo Vittori.

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