CINEMA 4D en After Effects: de perfecte combinatie (ENG)

The TOKYO DESIGNER WEEK is held in Japan and renowned worldwide. In the 28 year since its inception it has grown into an event that showcases architectural and engineering design, product design, graphics and art from around the world. Adobe has been a regular exhibitor for several years and used this year’s event to focus on its Adobe Cloud solution. Among the projects that were showcased were numerous student projects that used the Adobe Cloud for their realization.

Adobe hired the visual design experts at WOW studios to create a film that clearly and concisely shows how the Adobe Cloud can be used. The film that director Shingo Abe and his team created using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects utilizes a clear pictorial language to show what can be done using the Adobe Cloud.

Director Shingo Abe says about his work and that of his team: “The response to the film at the trade show was immense. The animation’s distinctive music made visitors stop and take a closer look at what was being offered at the booth and in turn gave them the opportunity to watch the film, which uses an entertaining approach to demonstrate how software and production pipeline work together.”

During the show, Shingo Abe also conducted a motion graphics workshop with After Effects and Flash with the participation of university art students who had experience using Illustrator but had not yet worked with After Effects or Flash. Shingo Abe demonstrated his workflow and showed how to create impressive motion graphics, which gave the students valuable insights for their own projects.

“I try to create films that effect the viewer emotionally. Visuals can convey humor, sadness, suspense and a wealth of other emotions to the audience. A film can be used to influence – or even change – a person’s view of certain things,” says Shingo Abe.

Asked why he uses Cinema 4D for his work, Shingo Abe responded: “I’ve been a Mac user for a very long time and Cinema 4D has always been available for the Mac. This is the primary reason why I work with Cinema 4D. Also, being someone who is not an expert at math or geometry, Cinema 4D’s ease of use and intuitive operation lets me quickly and intuitively bring my ideas to life.”

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