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Rayco Records was being confronted on a daily basis with the topic of visual design. Adept not only at creating music but also with an eye for design, Rayco decided to learn more about its software of choice, CINEMA 4D, and to put it to the test by creating a musical learning project.

The goal was to create a virtual orchestra whose instruments were entirely modeled in 3D to perform the piece Glass Bells. The music was added as a midi track and used as a foundation for the animation. The project was realized over a span of four weeks and a special plug-in, AniMidi, was used to read in the midi track.

The midi files were input into an XPresso Expression and adapted accordingly. The movements generated by this Expression were enhanced by dynamics where necessary. Green screening was done in Apple Motion. Key to successful compositing were the camera movements that were exported from CINEMA 4D as a motion project and the accompanying alpha masks.

Thanks to CINEMA 4D and its powerful modeling capabilities, dynamics, layers, AniMidi and its comprehensive documentation, it only took a total of four weeks to complete the project. As a result of this project, CINEMA 4D has become an integral part of Rayco's production pipeline.

“In our opinion, the almost endless possibilities that CINEMA 4D offers for modeling and animation as well as its speed and high-quality rendering in conjunction with its easy learnability and ease of use make it unrivaled in today’s market.”

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