Inclusieve animatie (ENG)

The German charity “Aktion Mensch” (Campaign for Humanity) was planning on creating a special animation on the topic of inclusion, i.e., the integration of disabled persons in everyday life. The film’s look was to be based on illustrations by Maren Kaschner, whose highly stylized characters are constantly gaining in popularity. The film was to show the artist’s hand illustrating various scenes. After being drawn, the scenes come to life and the hand interacts with the newly drawn elements.

The Hamburg-Germany creative collective lead by animation director and designer Kay Tennemann was given the job of realizing the project. They started by modeling the various characters in CINEMA 4D. “In fact, almost all characters and objects were actually 3D objects. Hands and feet were connected to the bodies with splines”, remembers Kay. “We then rigged the characters using CINEMA 4D’s Character object and added walk cycles using CMotion.”

To make sure the movement of the illustrator’s had was precise down to the last pixel, corresponding illustrations were printed on green paper, which the illustrator used as a tracing template. These templates were easily removed in the compositing phase.

The animation’s final 2D look was achieved using CINEMA 4D’s Sketch and Toon feature. Kay notes: “… that Sketch and Toon offers an almost endless array of possibilities for giving renderings a hand-drawn, illustrated 2D look!”

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